Champions Hockey League

The main concern for the Champions Hockey League to take place next season is that there will be no travel restrictions for the teams.

The CHL could also start later than October.

As Monika Hess, the Champions Hockey League's Director of Communication, tells 20 minuti, the starting date of the CHL could still change: "We want to start on October 16, but we are actually very flexible," she says. "With the new format we could also afford to start in November."

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the format for the upcoming Champions Hockey League campaign has changed. Next season, there will be a knock-out format among the 32 qualified teams.

If fans will be allowed is not the CHL's main concern: "The spectators are very important, we'd be happy if they could be part of the show, but they are not indispensable. At the moment we're focusing on the teams, the players," she explains to the same source. Meaning: "It will be crucial to guarantee all teams the freedom to travel from arena to arena without problems."

( 02 June 2020 | tme* )
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