Not all of the seven open positions of the Council have been filled yet, but the Chief Sports Officer has been elected in the first round of the election.

Raeto Raffainer, as well as Heikki Hietanen (FIN), Anders Larsson (SWE), Pavel Bure (RUS), Andrea Gios (ITA), and Franz Reindl, is now a new member of the IIHF Council.

As Raffainer told Blick yesterday, he did a lot of campaigning to obtain the seat: "I'm probably one of those candidates who campaigned the most. I don't want to have to berate myself in case of failure for not having tried everything for Switzerland."

His effort of (video) calling voters around the globe paid off in the end. He received 58 votes in the first round and thus reached the threshold needed to get elected.

( 25 September 2021 | mso )