National League

On Monday afternoon, the Kloten Flyers held a roundtable discussion to inform certain Swiss media outlets, including 20 Minuten. According to CEO Matthias Berner, they will do anything to stay in the NLA.


As the same source further reports, they are working on a solution after Avenir Sports Entertainment's departure. As a first step, they want to cut costs by 2 to 2.5 million CHF to reduce their deficit.

Accordingly, the Flyers will have to concentrate on staying in the National League A rather than on a qualification for the playoff final. Furthermore, they want to place more trust in younger players. In the end, they have to "find a new objective," as Berner explains.

On Saturday morning, Kloten's current investor ASE announced that they are looking for a new "Kloten-based" owner for the Flyers; a team they acquired in April of last year. The same day, rumors arose that ASE might sell Kloten's NLA license to a club in the Wallis. (bsc)