MySports League

EHC Arosa and SC Lyss, new champions of the eastern and western group of the first league, will get promoted to the MySports League.

Arosa and Lyss will complete the MySports League in 2019-20.

Because there is one team that will be promoted from the MSL to the Swiss League and one team that is going to be relegated, there are two open spots in the MySports League next season. They will be filled by EHC Arosa and SC Lyss.

Arosa has celebrated a 3-1 victory against EHC Wetzikon in the final series of the first league's eastern group. Lyss, on the other hand, managed to get past HC Franches-Montagnes with a 3-0 in the final series of the western group.

The season, however, is not yet over. EHC Arosa and SC Lyss will face each other as of Wednesday, March 20, in a Best-of-Five series for the championship title of the Swiss Amateurs.

( 15 March 2019 | tme )