Medical Report

Whereas Leonardo Fuhrer should be ready for Game 4 of the playoff quarterfinal series, there is a question mark behind Silvan Wyss.

Silvan Wyss was checked to the neck area.

Silvan Wyss received a check to the neck area on Sunday and was not able to finish the game, the Oltner Tagblatt reports. It is not yet clear how serious the injury is and if the 27-year-old will be ready for their next game against HC Sierre tomorrow.

Leonardo Fuhrer, who was hit in the face by a puck, however, should be able to return to game action. The wound has been stitched.

Fuhrer and Wyss are two of EHC Olten's best scorers this season. During the regular season, they ranked fourth and fifth on their team in terms of points, trailing only Garry Nunn, Dion Knelsen, and Evgenï Chiriaev.

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