According to Jérôme Reynard (Sport-Center), Mark Barberio's name is currently circulating on the market, mainly in the KHL.

Will Mark Barberio leave Switzerland?
Robert Hradil / RvS.Media

The 31-year-old Canadian is currently serving an eight-game suspension, which he received after he broke Garrett Roe's jaw. Apparently, there is now interest from abroad in Barberio and he might take the chance to leave his bad reputation in Switzerland behind.

As journalist Jérôme Reynard writes in 24 heures, interest in Lauanne HC's import-defenseman comes especially from the KHL.

This season, Mark Barberio has appeared in 14 games for LHC so far, in which he recorded six assists, but no goals. On average, he was on the ice for almost 20 minutes per game.

( 03 December 2021 | tme )