Swiss League

Goalie Andri Henauer, defender Louis Füllemann, and the forwards Santiago Näf, Vincent Ryser, and Ronny Dähler will play for EHC Basel.

Last season, Andri Henauer mainly played for EHC Winterthur.

Due to their partnership agreement, SC Bern was set to send four to six players to EHC Basel. Now, five young players from SCB have been listed on the roster of the Swiss League team.

While 18-year-old defender Louis Füllemann arrives from SCB's U20-Elit, the 20-year-old youngsters Andri Henauer, Vincent Ryser, and Santiago Näf as well as 21-year-old Ronny Dähler are all part of SCB's National League roster.

( 10 August 2022 | tme )