Swiss League

From next season, all the games of the Swiss League will be broadcast on the league's own, independent streaming platform.

With the implementation of the new platform the Swiss League aims at more visibility. "When the Swiss League AG was founded more than a year ago, the club presidents agreed to invest the first two to three years particularly in the reach and perception of the Swiss League," Jean Brogle, chairman of the board of directors says.

Accessing the streaming platform should be as easy as possible, the league writes in a press release. It is thus planned that fans will have access to all games when they purchase a season subscription. The subscription model is currently being developed.

The new platform can also be expanded at any time to include other leagues such as the Women's League or the MySports League.

Moreover the Swiss League announces that there will be at least ten teams in the league next season. The have been assured that at least one team from the MySports League will play in the new Swiss League as of next season.

( 13 January 2022 | tme )