Swiss League

Team manager Christophe Fellay talked with his captain on Monday and made clear that they do not want to let him go.

Maxime Montandon

Martin Steinegger, team manager of EHC Biel, confirmed to the Bieler Tagblatt that they had asked Montandon if he could get out of his valid contract with HC Sierre. However, as Fellay now tells Le Nouvelliste, they are not willing to release him.

"Maxime Montandon is our captain; he has an important role in the group," Fellay states. "For us, at this time of the year, it is difficult to see him leave and replace him. There are no negotiations with EHC Biel at this time."

As for Guillaume Asselin, HC Ajoie has not yet responded to Fellay. HC Sierre would be willing to let Asselin go if HC Ajoie were to compensate them: "I will talk with the player on Monday evening [...] to explain the situation. After that, we will give Ajoie a deadline to accept or refuse the requested compensation."

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