National League

EV Zug informs on their website that the seating in Bossard Arena will be extended to 7200 seats and that new elastic boards will be installed.


The new boards will increase player safety. CEO Patrick Lengwiler describes how they work on the website. The boards are lower and more flexible than the previous ones which helps them absorb the shock of a hard check. This system has been used in the NHL for years to reduce the chance of serious injuries.

Due to high attendance numbers, EV Zug will not only replace the boards in the Bossard Arena but also install more seats. As of next season, there will be space for 7200 spectators. A "new highlight are the Rink Seats", EV Zug writes. These seats will be located right at the sideline on ice level, next to the penalty boxes.

Last Update: 07 August 2017, 08:41 AM | mfa/jca