National League

This morning, the final project on the reconstruction of HC Davos' Vaillant Arena has been presented. The reconstruction works are planned to start after the 2017-18 season and will cost about CHF 20.5 million.

Photo: HC Davos

The winning project from the architect's office Marques AG (Lucerne), which was chosen by a jury at the beginning of December last year, includes following changes:

- Renovation of the South stand
- Renovation/additional wardrobes and wet cells below the south stand
- Reconstruction of the East- and West stand
- Increase of number of seats, partially at the cost of standing places
- Integration of another gallery
- New circulation areas and vomitories due to the evacuation concept
- Additional catering areas
- Integration of additional restaurants
- Utilisation linkage to the new practice rink
- Interlinking of all sectors

The overall capacity remains at 6,800, and also the arena's characteristics, which probably makes it to one of Europe's most beautiful ice hockey arenas, shall be retained for this project.

In order to receive the go-ahead to start the reconstruction works in 2018, however, there are still some administrative hurdles to overcome. Once the funding will finally be arranged, the whole project will have to pass the referendum on September 24 this year.

Last Update: 15 June 2017, 06:07 PM | rlu