National League

Due to having to replace several screws in the new arena of the National League team, the first game was supposed to take place in mid-November.

However, according to Klaus Zaugg (Watson) that date might now be moved up. Apparently, Peter Zahner, CEO of the ZSC Lions, called Willi Vögtlin, schedule maker of the National League, in order to ask whether he could make another schedule in case the Lions would already be able to play in the Swiss Life Arena come October 18.

Vögtlin supposedly did so and there are now two different schedules: one in which the Lions play their first game in their new home on November 19, as anticipated, and one in which they will play it on October 18. Regardless of the first game, the Lions will celebrate the opening of their new arena on November 19, though.

( 29 May 2022 | mso )