National League

Due to the conflict in Ukraine, several players are leaving the KHL or are at least exploring other possibilities for their future.

HCAP's Paolo Duca: "After the initial panic, the situation has, however, changed".
HC Ambrì-Piotta

In today's edition, the Corriere del Ticino takes stock of the current situation: "There are at least a hundred unexpected players on the market", revealed recently Marc Gautschi, team manager of Genève-Servette HC. "I receive dossiers of players that never, in the past, would have been interested in our league", confirms HC Ajoie's team manager Julien Vauclair.

However, after an initial reaction of panic, the players seem to be more cautious now, as HC Ambrì-Piotta's Paolo Duca told Ticinonline yesterday: "It is a period of stalling in which all the parties involved are trying to understand. And the ones who are stalling are above all the most interesting players on the market".

"Considering that the ruble is almost back to the level of before and that whoever wants to get out of a contract still in existence must pay a penalty, it is far from obvious that a player can be released so easily" explains Paolo Duca.

( 15 April 2022 | lle )