National League

Last season, there were only seats available and no guest fans allowed in Bern. This is going to change again for the upcoming season.

The Postfinance Arena has a capacity of about 17'000.
Remo Max Schindler

As SC Bern's CEO Marc Lüthi announces on Twitter, the standing area at the Postfinance Arena will be a standing area again next season. With this decision that has been taken today, Europe's biggest standing area, which holds a maximum of almost 10'000 people, will be back.

Moreover, Lüthi also announces that fans from the visiting team will be welcome in Bern next season. In early August, SCB informed that they expect to be able to play in front of a full arena when the season starts and that only people will be allowed, who have been vaccinated, tested or who have recovered from Covid-19.

( 17 August 2021 | tme | Report an error )