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The meeting is supposed to take place in September when EV Zug's new ticketing system will be applied.

EV Zug

"We will get together, listen, and explain our point of view to them and discuss the matter," CEO Patrick Lengwiler tells Zentralplus. However, while he has taken note of the fans' protest, he did not have a change of mind regarding the subject matter.

He still thinks that dynamic ticket prices are the way to go in the future. The new system will only tangent the standing room area of the home team and about 100 seats. Ticket prices will range from CHF 19 to CHF 31 for a standing room ticket (CHF 28 is the fixed price).

In early July, the fan community "Herti Nordkurve Zug" issued a statement that if EVZ were to actually introduce dynamic ticket prices, they would "reserve the right to take action against the system."

( 16 August 2019 | mso*)
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