It’s crunch time! EV Zug has made it and advanced to the finals for the first time since 1998. There, they will face reigning champions SC Bern in the best-of-seven series starting tomorrow. To honor this special occasion, Bull-etin Zug will not only present the EVZ perspective, but also that of an SCB guest: Who will win the title?

EV Zug beat HC Davos in six games and has advanced to the finals for the first time since their championship win in 1998. Before we preview the showdown against SC Bern, we look back at the semi-finals and analyze the main reason for Zug’s success.

In der 30. Episode besprechen wir:

- Die NLA-Playoffs und Playouts (nicht wirklich).
- Den NLA-Final
- Das NHL-Playoffrace, die Edmonton Oilers
- Den Tod von Detroits Playoff-Streak
- Nico Hischiers Landeplatz

In der post-1/4-Final Episode schauen wir auf die abgeschlossenen Serien zurück und diskutieren kurz das uns bevorstehende Halbfinal. Zum Schluss gibt Dumenig noch seinen Rant zu den ganzen Off-Ice Geschichten ab. Micha hört nickend zu.

After dominant quarter-final performances against the teams from the Lac Léman, Zug and Davos square off against each other in the semi-finals. One expects this series to be much tighter, at least if we consider the statistics from the regular season.


Zwei Hockeyfans berichten, was die Schweizer Eishockeyszene bewegt und beschäftigt. Unverblümt, emotional und spitzzüngig. Das ist TrashTalk.
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