Cédric Botter, who was being tested by EHC Biel in order to find a replacement for Gaëtan Haas, won't sign with Biel. They couldn't reach an agreement due to different financial goals.

After the signing of the Finnish forward Lennart Petrell, Genève-Servette HC is still looking for two import-players. The team of Chris McSorley might even start with only three imports.

The three finalists for the election of the Most Popular Player of the Swiss National League are known: Mathias Seger (ZSC), Reto Suri (EVZ) and Andrej Bykov (HCFG). Choose your winner!

Insurance costs for NHL players are rising - and this was already a major sticking point in the negotiations about NHL-players in Sochi. Will it be the last Olympics with NHL-participation?

Charles Phillot, the new president of the board of directors of HC Fribourg-Gottéron, has announced that the discussions regarding a new arena in Fribourg were well underway.