To simplify the selling of tickets for the away-sectors among each other, Lausanne, Fribourg and Geneva have unified their ticket-sales-system. There won't be a sale on Ticketcorner.

Today, the schedule and the new homepage of the IIHF World Championships 2014 in Minsk was released. Switzerland will have the honour to play the opening game against Russia.

At the end of a turbulent year for the Kloten Flyers, one number sticks out: a deficit of CHF 5.5 mio! And also in the future, the Flyers will be dependent on the subsidies of Philippe Gaydoul.

Yesterday, the new CEO of the SIHF, Florian Kohler, informed about the strategic goals for the new season: To win an olympic medal in Sochi and/or at the World Championship 2014.

Today, the Czech forward Tomas Kurka joined the team of the SCL Tigers on a try-out basis. After the test-match against HCC on Friday, the decision will be made if he will get a contract.