Whereas Lara Christen and Emma Ingold will stay in Bern, Ilana Leibundgut joins them from SC Langenthal Damen.


Lara Christen and Emma Ingold, both 21, have each extended their contracts by one season until April 2025. "Lara and Emma have already proven their worth both nationally and internationally. We are delighted that we can continue to aim high with these two players next season" states team manager Köbi Kölliker.

With seven goals and 18 assists, Lara Christen is the highest-scoring Swiss defender in the PostFinance Women's League. For her part, Emma Ingold ranks seventh on the scoring list with 35 points.

Additionally, the SC Bern Frauen announced the signing of Ilana Leibundgut from the SC Langenthal Damen. The 17-year-old defender will thus suit up for her current cantonal rivals for the 2024-25 season.

( 21 February 2024 | lle )