Women's hockey has come into the focus of the National League teams. HC Davos is one of the teams looking to add a women's team to their organization.


"HCD is keen to promote women's ice hockey more in the future," Marc Gianola tells the Südostschweiz. "That's why we would like to have the Indien Ladies play with us." Those plans, revealed earlier this week in the same newspaper, did, however, come as a surprise to HC Thurgau.

"We were as surprised as disappointed," HCT's president Thomas Müller states. "Because we as HC Thurgau are convinced that we ourselves can lead a team in the highest Swiss women's league - both athletically and financially."

Müller was not involved in the discussions Gianola led with HCT Ladies' president Andreas Staub. While HC Thurgau and the HCT Ladies have an agreement in place, it is not foolproof. They would not be able to take legal action if the Women's League were to join HC Davos: "But we would then be financially damaged in any case."

Gianola and HC Davos have plans to have their own women's team as of the 2023-24 season. If the HC Thurgau Ladies were not to join them, they would build their own team.

( 26 November 2022 | mso )