Among others, the import-players Kristi Shashkina and Anthea Lasis will leave the ZSC Lions' women's team.

Lara Zimmermann will no longer play for the Lions Frauen.
Lions Frauen

Whereas Canadian defender Anthea Lasis, 25, has played for the Lions Frauen for the past two season, Russian-Estonian dual citizen Kristi Shashkina, 18, will leave the club after only one year. Shashkina is looking for a new challenge in the Russian women's league, Lasis will return to North America for further education.

Moreover, the Lions Frauen will also have to make do without forwards Lara Zimmermann, 21, and Anouk Besson, 19. Besson is going to take a break from hockey in order to concentrate on her education and also Zimmermann wants to prioritize her education and professional career.

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