IIHF World Championship

At the end of his entry-level deal, the defenseman has not yet received a new one. If this stays the same until May, he will not travel to Prague.

Icon Sportswire / Kevin Abele

As they are not anywhere close to qualifying for the Stanley Cup playoffs, the Arizona Coyotes' season is going to be over soon. This also spells the end of Janis Jérôme Moser's entry-level contract with them. So far, no new offer has been provided. Due to injury concerns, the defenseman might thus have to skip out on the IIHF World Championship, as the Journal du Jura writes.

"If I have not signed a contract before Worlds, it is very likely that I will not take part in the tournament, even if I would like to", Moser is cited.

The Coyotes still hold the 23-year-old's rights and thus could offer him a new contract. "I am very happy here", the defenseman states.

( 10 April 2024 | esi )