Swiss Ice Hockey

The SIHF held a two-day workshop to discuss various topics relating to Swiss hockey.

Based on this in-depth analysis conducted during the retreat, the core strategy will be revised over the next few months to strengthen Swiss ice hockey at the national and international level.

A key element in the development of the core strategy is the definition of the athlete pathway. To this end, the league structure in Switzerland will also be looked at - also due to the current challenges the teams in the Swiss League face. In addition to the Swiss League, which will be given priority, the MyHockey League and the top two junior leagues will also be included in the analysis.

Other key points are the strengthening of grassroots sport, the development of women's ice hockey, and the promotion, education and training of Swiss coaches and referees. The strategy will be discussed by a task force lead by President Stefan Schärer, Vice President Marc-Anthony Anner and CEO Patrick Bloch.

( 22 March 2024 | mso )