Swiss Ice Hockey

As Klaus Zaugg writes in Schweiz am Wochenende, clubs would receive financial compensation if they use young players in their lineup and employ Swiss coaches.

According to Zaugg, the amount of compensation would be based on the age of the players, the ice time they receive, and if they are called up to the junior national team. The teams of the National League, Swiss League, and the Women's League would all be eligible for the compensation.

A decision regarding the definitive allocation of the funds should then be made by a committee that includes team managers and the national team coach. As for the money needed to fund this project, the idea is to pour at least part of the money the SIHF received from the cancellation of the 2020 World Championship (CHF 7 million) into a fund and then add some sponsorship money to it.

Stefan Schärer, president of SIHF, confirms that the Swiss Ice Hockey Federation is working on a concept but did not reveal any details. Lars Weibel, too, was not willing to disclose more, as they are " currently revising the federation's strategy."

( 02 March 2024 | mso )