Swiss Ice Hockey

During today's league assembly, representatives of the clubs decided on the safety measures for the 2020-21 playoffs.

The Leagues have decided how they want to approach their post-seasons

The National League will see a so-called "Double Bubble" system: all players and staff will only move in their homes (Home-Bubble) and the arenas (Sport-Bubble) and will only be in contact with members of their team and their own household. Before entering into this bubble, the players and staff will be tested for Covid-19 and during the playoffs, everyone will be tested at least once a week.

In the Swiss League, where the (pre-)playoffs are set to begin, no such bubble will be introduced as the schedule allows for games to be postponed. If a team would need to quarantine, their series will therefore be put on hold and not lead to an automatic forfeit.

How the "double-bubble" works

Both the National and Swiss League playoffs will end on May 14th at the latest, to allow players to participate in the World Championship. The current plan is to use a best-of-3 format for the pre-playoffs and the traditional best-of-7 for the remaining rounds. However, at the end of each round, the remaining teams will come together to decide on the format for the next round.

A more detailed security concept for the National League will be released shortly before the playoffs begin in April.

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