Swiss League

Christian Fontana will take over the management of the club until the end of the season.

As mutually agreed upon after Pascal Signer had expressed his desire to leave the club, by the end of November Signer leaves his place as CEO of EHC Kloten Sport AG and also resigns from the Board of Directors.

"I would like to thank EHC Kloten for the last years and for the opportunity they gave me. Together we were able to build a healthy foundation for the future" states Signer in Kloten's press release.

As Kloten is pushing for a promotion in the National League, the near future of the club is not clear. For this reason, in order not to make any hasty personnel decisions, the Board of Directors has decided to hire Christian Fontana, an experienced manager, as the new CEO until next spring.

"We do not know today where we will stand after the last game of the season. It is all the more important now to conserve the prevailing calm and consistently work hard day after day, game after game" explains the decision EHC Kloten's Chairman Mike Schälchli.

( 23 November 2021 | lle )