National League

As the Swiss League just finished their playoff quarterfinals, several players, whose teams did not qualify for the semifinals, have become available.

HC Fribourg-Gottéron has secured the B-licenses of Julien Rod (under contract with the Dragons but played the entire season for HC Sierre), Kevin Etter (under contract with HCFG but played the entire season for HC Thurgau), and Kevin Nicolet (under contract with HCFG but played almost the entire season for HCT). They will join the Dragons on Wednesday.

Furthermore, they have acquired the B-licenses of Cory Emmerton (HC Sierre) and Gian Janett (HC Thurgau). They will be available to the Dragons as of March 8. Loic Galley, who is under contract with HCFG but mostly played for HC Thurgau this season, will join Fribourg next Sunday.

( 26 February 2024 | mso )