National League

While the promotion/relegation-series should be back next season, the two leagues do not agree on the number of import-players allowed.

Even with 14 teams, nothing would change in the National League next season - except that the League Qualification series between the loser of the playout final (13th vs. 14th from the regular season) and the champion of the Swiss League will return. At least if the two leagues agree on the conditions for this series.

As Klaus Zaugg (Watson) writes, there is a disagreement about the number of import-players, which should be allowed in the League Qualification. The National League apparently insists on all six. The Swiss League, where only two imports are allowed, opposes this proposal as there would be a clear disadvantage for their teams.

It remains to be seen if the two leagues are going to find a compromise or if the Swiss League might even be willing to refuse to play a League Qualification next season to put more pressure on the National League.

( 31 March 2022 | tme )