National League

Almost five months after he was checked by HCD's Fabrice Herzog, the 35-year-old defenseman is still not ready to return to action.

Eric Blum's comeback is not yet in sight.

"The bare facts are: I am not healed and as of today I cannot play," Eric Blum explains to the SonntagsZeitung. At times, he still suffers from dizziness or headaches. Also his shoulder has not fully healed yet. Even a simple pass in training hurts, he says to the same source.

Moreover, the 35-year-old is in psychological care. Not just because of his injury. Also his baby boy and his wife have been struggling with health issues in the past months. "With my son, we don't know if and when he will be well again. For my wife, we have surgeries coming up. I'm hanging in a vacuum. That's absolutely stressful."

Eric Blum is no longer willing to take any kind of risk just to continue playing hockey: "I'm happy to work extra shifts so that I can play again as soon as possible. But I'm not willing to sacrifice my health." He does not want to force it anymore. "Health and family are so much more important to me," he says.

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