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The Chief Sport Officer will definitely focus on the job he was given and not add additional tasks to his workload.

Raeto Raffainer
HC Davos

"If I were to do that, I could have stayed with HC Davos," Raeto Raffainer tells the Neue Zürcher Zeitung, when asked whether he would assume the duties of the team manager now that Florence Schelling is gone.

They will focus on the recruitment process over the course of the next couple of weeks. "After that, we will find the best possible solution for SC Bern," Raffainer states in the Berner Zeitung.

As for the reasons why Schelling was not given another chance to prove herself, Raffainer is echoing what Marc Lüthi stated in yesterday's press release: "We are facing a radical change, 13 contracts are expiring. Accordingly, we need a person with very, very high sporting expertise in this position. [...] SCB will not be able to buy the best and most expensive players. It's a matter of making courageous decisions, of finding the occasional diamond in the rough [...]."

Alex Chatelain will also no longer be part of SC Bern's back office. His position, however, will not be filled again. According to Raffainer, he will now be responsible for SCB's strategy. Scouting and Analytics will be outsourced and will be overseen by the new team manager.

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