Olympic Games

While France and Utah (USA) are the preferred hosts for the 2030 and respectively 2034 editions, Switzerland might be the host in 2038.


Switzerland submitted to the Future Host Commision of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) a non-edition-specific project, called "Switzerland 203x", which convinced the executive board of the IOC to grant them a "privileged dialogue" for the 2038 edition of the Winter Olympics on the basis of some good fundamentals: the many existing venues, the great experience of Switzerland in hosting international winter sports events; and its role as the host country of the IOC and many International Sports Federations.

The privileged dialogue, which will last until the end of 2027, will see Switzerland address some of the areas of the project that still require further discussion, mainly the distribution of the venues, the funding strategy, the guarantees, and public support.

( 29 November 2023 | lle )