IIHF World Championship

As Klaus Zaugg (Watson) reports, Lausanne is no longer in the running as the second playing venue in case the IIHF Worlds come to Switzerland.


While Lausanne would have been the second venue for the World Championship 2020, which had to be canceled due to the pandemic, it will reportedly be Fribourg in case Switzerland gets the call for the IIHF Worlds 2026.

This is what the former IIHF president René Fasel tells Zaugg: "We simply had too many problems with Lausanne for the 2020 World Cup. The second venue will be Fribourg."

Raëto Raffainer, SCB's team manger and newly elected member of the IIHF Council, however, does not want to confirm this: "Who says that?," he asks. "Nothing has been decided at all, and if you write that Lausanne is no longer in the running, that's a lie."

If Switzerland will get the call for the IIHF Worlds 2026 will be decided during the World Championship in May. The only contestant for the Swiss application is Kazakhstan.

( 18 December 2021 | tme )