Medical Report

According to HeShootsHeScoores, HC Ambrì-Piotta has to make do without Thibaut Monnet, Michaël Ngoy, Peter Guggisberg, Marco Müller, and Elias Bianchi against the HCB Ticino Rockets tonight.

Photo: HC Ambrì-Piotta

The Biancoblù already told Ticinonews back in June that Monnet and Ngoy would miss the start of preparation due to injuries they sustained last season. Guggisberg (photo), for his part, underwent knee surgery in mid-June.

As for Marco Müller and Elias Bianchi, they are considered day-to-day and should thus soon be able to return to the lineup.

Last Update: 05 August 2017, 06:24 PM | mso