Medical Report

HC Sierre's list of injured players is quite long. Dany Gelinas, head coach of HC Sierre, provided an update on the situation to Le Nouvelliste.

Eliott Meyrat was injured in the game against HC La Chaux-de-Fonds and, as of last Thursday, was supposed to take a break for ten days. He will, however, undergo an MRI to make sure his injury is not too severe.

Rémy Rimann is dealing with shoulder pain but he can "make do" with it, Gelinas states. However, the forward also blocked his neck on Tuesday and took a stick to his face.

Eric Castonguay is also not at 100 percent. Arnaud Montandon underwent surgery last week but will likely require another one. Anthony Beauregard, on the other hand, is doing better. Dominik Volejnicek is dealing with pain in his foot but he will be able to play.

Thomas Heinimann and Loïc Vouardoux are suffering from hip issues. Mike Wyniger, on the other hand, has recovered from his injury and will return to the lineup tonight.

( 17 November 2021 | mso )