(AUT) ICE Hockey League

After one season with a lion on his jersey, the 32-year-old defenseman moves to Austria and switches the lion for a bull.

HC Thurgau can no longer count on T.J. Brennan.

T.J. Brennan will thus definitely not be back with HC Thurgau next season. The American has signed with EC Red Bull Salzburg from the Austrian ICEHL. As Brennan says in Red Bull's press release, he is looking forward ot join an organization that "wants to win titles and create an environment where you can grow and succeed as a player".

This past season, Brennan appeared in 22 regular season games for HC Thurgau, in which he recorded 24 points (ten goals). With this, he led the team in points per game. In the playoffs, he added another four points (two goals) in six games.

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