As expected, the 57-year-old Swiss will remain as the head coach of Austria's national team.

Head coach since 2016, Roger Bader was able to convince the Austrian ice hockey federation (ÖEHV) to offer him an extension thanks to the good results obtained as Klaus Hartmann, president of the ÖEHV, confirms: "The great performances at the World Championship in Finland and the convincing performances against top teams during the preparation phase have proven that we are developing in the desired direction".

For his part, Roger Bader is proud to cover this role within the Austrian federation and aims at establishing themselves among the top 12 nations in the world: "From my point of view, this will be the case when we have managed to stay in the A group three times in a row. Therefore, our ultimate goal for the coming year is also to stay in the A group" explains Bader.

In addition to his role as head coach of the senior team, Bader will continue to serve as team manager for all men's national teams. This also includes the overall supervision of coach education.

( 20 June 2022 | lle )