According to the Wochen-Zeitung, the 29-year-old forward is going to be part of Sweden's national team at the Karjala Cup in November.

SCL Tigers

Although Jesper Olofsson says in an interview with the Wochen-Zeitung that he has not heard from Sweden's coach Johan Garpenlöv yet, the same source has learned that team manager Marc Eichmann has received an official request from Sweden for Olofsson to play at the Karjala Cup and has confirmed to release him.

Asked about his expiring contract in Langnau and the interest from the KHL for next season, Olofsson says: "If I'll get the chance [to play in the KHL], I wouldn't say no. I've heard about various talks; who knows what will happen."

( 28 October 2021 | tme* )