Swiss Ice Hockey

The league and the referees are currently in discussions to possibly change the possible sanctions for offenses against referees.

Monika Majer / RvS.Media

If a player collides with a referee – voluntarily or involuntarily – there are currently only the options to punish the player with a suspension of at least three games – or not punish him at all.

This, however, might change soon, as referee boss Andreas Fischer confirms to Klaus Zaugg (Watson): "We are discussing whether from next season it should be possible for the league judiciary to punish offenses against referees with one- or two-game suspensions as well."

Lately, several cases of so-called "Abuse of Officials" (IIHF rules 39/40) have led to discussions. Only yesterday, SC Bern's Chris DiDomenico has been issued a three-game suspension for a violation of these rules.

( 18 November 2022 | tme )