Swiss Ice Hockey

The forward of the Nashville Predators is worried about the future of Swiss ice hockey and argues for a salary cap in the Swiss League.

This summer, Nino Niederreiter moved from Carolina to Nashville.
Icon Sportswire / Greg Thompson

"Something has to change. The U20 World Championship is one example for that," Nino Niederreiter says in an interview with the Linth-Zeitung. "After the draft of Nico Hischier, our hockey came to a standstill. We thought it would be a sure-fire success, that we're doing everything well. This shot backfired a bit."

Niederreiter is also worried about the current problems in the Swiss League – and he also has a solution: "From my point of view, a salary cap would be the best thing. This would allow the Swiss League to be restructured and reorganized," he says. "Defining the minimum and maximum expenses would simplify the planning of the clubs. I hope it will come to that."

( 27 August 2022 | tme )