Swiss Ice Hockey

Andrea Brändli, Alina Müller, and Lara Stalder will have a chance to take home the trophy on July 29.

Andrea Brändli won the NCAA championship with her university team this season and was the starting goaltender of the Swiss national team at the Beijing Olympics.

Alina Müller, for her part, was also a big part of the reason why the national team advanced to the semifinals at the Olympics. The forward also was named the MVP of her collegiate league and was named to the All-Star team.

Lara Stalder comes off another record-breaking season: she broke her own scoring record in the SDHL (89 points in 33 games). She also was crowned "Best Forward" of the 2021-22 season. Stalder captained the Swiss team at the Beijing Olympics.

Nominees "Women of the Year"

( 20 July 2022 | mso )