Swiss Ice Hockey

At the end of May, Switzerland won the bid to host the U18 World Championship next year. Now, the locations have been set.

"Based on the applications submitted, the sport and language policy situation, and the financial support of the applicants, we eventually decided on Basel as the main venue and Ajoie as the second venue," Patrick Bloch, CEO of Swiss Ice Hockey, explains.

Because three World Championships will be played in Switzerland in the next four years, they wanted every region to be represented. The IIHF Worlds 2026 will take place in Zürich and Fribourg, the U18 Women's Worlds 2024 is supposed to be played in Switzerland's south, and the U18 Worlds 2023 thus in the north-western region.

The U18 World Championship will be played between April 20 and April 30, 2023.

( 01 July 2022 | tme )