Swiss Ice Hockey

As reported by Klaus Zaugg (Watson), two-thirds of the 24 clubs from the National and Swiss League only asked for a 50% refund.

Games in front of empty arenas caused great losses to the clubs.
Robert Hradil / RvS.Media

Swiss clubs had two options for a refund of the money lost in ticket revenue during the 2020-21 season: either a compensation amounting to 66% of the loss with, however, clear conditions for wages cuts and a salary freeze for the next five years, or a subsidy amounting to 50% of the sustained loss, but without the aforementioned conditions regarding the salary cuts.

Inquired by Klaus Zaugg, the Federal Office of Sport confirmed that only a third of the clubs applied for the bigger compensation. Among the clubs of the National League, it seems that only HC Ambrì-Piotta has requested the two-third refund as president Filippo Lombardi told Klaus Zaugg, meaning that all the other clubs either did not need that much monetary compensation or did not want any restrictions on wages.

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