Swiss National Team

Lars Weibel, the Director of National Teams, blames the increase in the number of import-players in the National League for the cancellation.

Lars Weibel is not happy with the situation of the Swiss prospects.

The annual prospect camp of the national team is supposed to lead young talents up to the age of 25 closer to head coach Patrick Fischer's team. This year, however, the camp will not take place, Blick reports.

"There are currently three players out of all the prospect candidates that have about ten minutes of ice time," Lars Weibel explains to Blick. "We can also integrate these three players into the existing national team programs during the upcoming season. All the others currently have significantly too little ice time in their clubs."

For Weibel, the increase from four to six import players in the National League is to blame for this: "It's logical that there's a causal connection there," he says. In principle, he wants to maintain the prospect camp in the future, but maybe in another form, for example as a U20 camp.

( 04 July 2023 | tme )