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One of the first tasks for the new Director National Teams is the extension of head coach Patrick Fischer's contract.

Will Patrick Fischer continue as Switzerland's head coach?
Robert Hradil / RvS.Media

Fischer's contract is set to expire after the World Championship in 2020. To start the negotiations with the head coach of the Swiss national team is a priority for Lars Weibel: "We'll get to that soon. It's important to know what happens next," he says to the news agency Keystone-SDA.

«It's important to know what happens next.»
Lars Weibel

Lars Weibel wants to continue on the path taken by his predecessor Raeto Raffainer. "Raeto and his team have done a great job over the years," Weibel says, but he is aware that a lot of work lies still ahead of him: "The other nations don't sleep - at all levels. To catch up, you must work very well. Were not where we want to be yet."

( 02 August 2019 | tme*)
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