Spengler Cup

Same as the National and Swiss League, the traditional tournament will only allow vaccinated and recovered people to attend.

Maurice Parrée

"With the implementation of the 2G principle, many inconvenient restrictions for our tournament visitors and guests will be eliminated and we will be able to provide everyone with a near-normal event experience", Marc Gianola of the organizing committee is quoted.

"Furthermore, this will make it possible for us to implement the official regulations. With 3G+Mask, this would probably have been difficult to implement, or only possible with an enormous amount of control and personnel effort."

The Spengler Cup will thus be open to people who have recovered or are vaccinated against Covid-19. Masks will not have to be worn.

Several side events of the tournament have had to be cancelled or changed up due to the new regulations.

( 07 December 2021 | esi )