Spengler Cup

For the upcoming Spengler Cup, which will take place from December 26 to 31 in Davos, Switzerland's head coach Patrick Fischer has called up a total of two goaltenders, nine defensemen, and 16 forwards.

Photo: Robert Hradil / RvS.Media

As the roster includes some players who are currently slightly injured, there might still might be some changes. "We are aware that some of the summoned players are currently slightly injured or still recovering from injuries. We will monitor the situation and the recovery process through to the weekend and make adjustments if necessary," Raeto Raffainer, Director of the National Teams, explains.

Goaltenders (2): Leonardo Genoni (SC Bern), Tobias Stephan (EV Zug).

Defensemen (9): Eric Blum (SC Bern), Raphael Diaz (EV Zug), Patrick Geering (ZSC Lions), Joël Genazzi (Lausanne HC), Romain Loeffel (Genève-Servette HC), Yannick Rathgeb (HC Fribourg-Gottéron), Dominik Schlumpf (EV Zug), Dave Sutter (ZSC Lions), Ramon Untersander (SC Bern).

Forwards (16): Simon Bodenmann (SC Bern), Damien Brunner (HC Lugano), Luca Cunti (HC Lugano), Luca Fazzini (HC Lugano), Gaëtan Haas (SC Bern), Fabrice Herzog (ZSC Lions), Gregory Hofmann (HC Lugano), Denis Hollenstein (EHC Kloten), Lino Martschini (EV Zug), Vincent Praplan (EHC Kloten), Tanner Richard (Genève-Servette HC), Thomas Rüfenacht (SC Bern), Reto Schäppi (ZSC Lions), Tristan Scherwey (SC Bern), Pius Suter (ZSC Lions), Joël Vermin (Lausanne HC).

On another note, head coach Patrick Fischer can count on the SCL Tigers' assistant coach Marco Bayer, who will join assistant Tommy Albelin and replace Christian Wohlwend (U20-World Juniors) behind the boards of the Swiss team. Bayer already has some experience on the international level, as he coached Switzerland's U16-, U17-, U18-, U19- and U20 national team in the past five years.

2017 Spengler Cup Game Schedule

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