According to Le Nouvelliste, it is likely that the 38-year-old forward will definitely leave Winterthur and play for HC Sierre next season.

Will Thibaut Monnet return to his native canton?

Contacted by Le Nouvelliste, HC Sierre was not willing to comment on the matter. A couple of weeks ago, Der Landbote reported that it is still possible that Thibaut Monnet would remain with EHC Winterthur. Now it seems as if a return to his native canton sounds more appealing to the veteran forward.

Thibaut Monnet, who has 932 games in the National League under his belt, joined EHC Winterthur in 2019 after he left EHC Kloten after just one season. Over the course of this past season, he appeared in 44 games, in which he recorded 24 points (six goals).

( 14 May 2020 | tme* )
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