Swiss League

The Board of Directors and the main shareholders have decided to withdraw from the Swiss League and therefore from professional sports.

After 20 years, SC Langenthal will retire from professional hockey. The decision came after a thorough process began last summer. The results of the analysis clearly showed that professional operation in the Swiss League cannot be guaranteed without the appropriate ice sports infrastructure and additional financial resources.

Other options for maintaining the club in the Swiss League were explored, such as a fusion with another club, but in the end, the management of the club decided that they were not feasible in the short term or not financially viable.

For these reasons, in the future, SC Langenthal will concentrate on the amateur sector and is expected to play in the MyHockey League, the third-highest division in Swiss ice hockey. The areas of women's and youth development will remain in place, with a collaboration with SC Bern for what concerns the latter.

The Board of Directors has set up a task force under the leadership of Mischa von Gunten (member of the Board of Directors of SCL AG and Chairman of the Board of SCL Nachwuchs AG), who will develop the realignment of SC Langenthal for the future. Gian Kämpf, president of SCL, will lead the club until the end of the current season and will then retire from his function.

( 07 December 2022 | lle )