Swiss League

The Swede and the Swiss League team parted ways in mid-October. In an interview with, he talks about his time in Visp and his new home.

"Visp was nothing for me. More hard and boring than it was fun," Linus Klasen states. "I was simply too good to play there. Moreover, I played with players who were worse [than me]." Klasen had asked for his contract to be terminated for personal reasons, as he wanted to focus on his family more which did not live with him in Visp.

While he says that he enjoyed his time in Switzerland, especially in Lugano during the time he played with Fredrik Pettersson, he is now "done with that country" and is happy that he has a chance to play in Stockholm: "It feels magical to live with my family in Stockholm and play for Djurgården."

( 14 November 2022 | mso )