Swiss League

As of the next season, the Swiss League will be independent of the National League and have to find sponsors interested in a collaboration.

According to the Thurgauer Zeitung, the initial euphoria for the Swiss League AG project is now slowly giving way to disillusionment. The clubs with smaller budgets in particular are worried that they have been promised too much.

The company Tit-Pit GmbH was entrusted with the marketing and promotion of the Swiss League. Anjo Urner, who is responsible for the Swiss League at Tit-Pit, speaks of a "very challenging task": they have to compensate for the lack of TV money (365,000 Swiss francs per club).

Apparently, they are already well into the process of building up various partnerships. However, Urner was not yet able to name any concrete successes: "Until something is signed, we can't communicate anything."

Nonetheless, if necessary, the SIHF is ready to lend a hand. "We have to look that we can continue with the Swiss League as well as possible" CEO Patrick Bloch says, meaning that the Swiss League and the SIHF might come closer again in terms of marketing in the future.

( 18 February 2022 | lle )